Dear Sir/Madam, it is our pleasure to announce the 43th professional seminar on the road traffic safety under the title “ROADS 2019”. This 43th seminar is thematically related to the strategic physical plan for the development of the road network in the EU, road traffic safety, development and implementation of the IT systems in the function of the road management, innovations in the area of traffic signalisation and the possibilities of using the funds in order to have a better energy efficiency and environmental protection in traffic. It is our special pleasure to emphasize that at the former 42 seminars, held almost every year, approximately 300 professionals participated in the sphere of traffic technology, planning, designing, construction and road maintenance and road traffic safety. The specialty of the seminar are the exhibitions in which the domestic and world producers of road equipment and devices present the most recent products that significantly promote the traffic infrastructure and the road traffic safety. The quality and the importance of the seminar on the road traffic development, apart from the tradition of many years, is confirmed also by the fact that the majority of the presented professional and scientific papers have been implemented in the practical application in the roads and road traffic in the Republic of Croatia. In addition, the importance, quality and contribution to the improvement of the road traffic through this seminar has traditionally been confirmed by the Ministry of Maritime Affairs, Traffic and Infrastructure, Ministry of the Internal Affairs, Ministry of Traffic and Transport Engineering, Ministry of Environment and Nature, the Croatian Chamber of Engineers in the Traffic Technology and Transport as its permanent patron.

President of the organisational committee

Andreja Pipić Feistritzer