Počasni govornici

Marko Ševrović
doc. dr. sc.

Head of Transport Planning Dept. at FTTS (FPZ) / Senior Road Safety Engineer at EIRA-EuroRAP

Marko Ševrović works a an Assistant Professor on the position of Head of Department of Transport planning at Faculty of Traffic and Transport, University of Zagreb. During his bachelor studies at the Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences, University of Zagreb he started working at the Institute of Transport and Communications in Zagreb, where he worked as an expert associate in the field of transport planning, transport network design and GIS. His early professional interests in transport involved novel approaches to road use charging schemes and roadside equipment inventory video surveying and that directed him towards research of GNSS and development of specific GIS application, such as georeferenced video. In 2010., after his Master of Science thesis, he started working full time on the Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences at the University of Zagreb. There, besides holding classes and exercises in the field of Traffic flow theory, Public transport planning, transport infrastructure design and CAD, he continued to do research on GNSS related applications in transport.