It is our particular pleasure to emphasize that at the 41 seminars held so far every year approximately 300 professionals participated from the field of traffic and traffic technology, planning, designing, road construction and maintenance, and road traffic safety. The seminar specialty are the exhibitions at which the domestic and world producers of road equipment and devices present the most recent products that significantly promote the transportation service and the road traffic safety. All the interested exhibitors, advertisers and sponsors have been enabled this time as well to present all their products and services. We are inviting you to promote your company through the marketing participation and to contribute to the realisation of this traditional gathering. The manner of exhibiting, advertising and sponsorship can be found in the attached application form and we are convinced that you will find what is in the best interest for the promotion of your company. Please send the attached application form by fax or e-mail (by 15.01.2019 at the latest), due to the limited number and layout of the exhibition area. The area will be filled according to the order of the received applications. THE MARKETING APPLICATION CAN BE DOWNLOADED HERE – MARKETING APPLICATION_by 15.01.2019 at the latest