"CESTE 2017"
hotel AMINESS MAESTRAL**** Novigrad - Istra

14.3. - 17.3.2017.



41th traditional meeting of scientists, professionals and entities in charge of planning, designing, construction and maintenance of roads and road infrastructure with the aim of increasing traffic safety and rational road management. The concept of the seminar links the new changes and additions to the legal regulations and the implementation of the EU directives related to road infrastructure and traffic safety.


Deadline for submitting summaries: 15.12.2016.

Deadline for submitting papers: 31.01.2017.



  • Strategic physical planning of the road network development
  • Road traffic safety and obligations in the application of the directives and legal regulations
  • Units of local and regional self-government as an important factor in the maintenance of the road network in the Republic of Croatia
  • Development and implementation of road infrastructure IT management systems
  • ITS systems in the function of managing the traffic flow
  • Innovation in the area of traffic signalisation
  • Sustainable mobility, energy efficiency and environmental protection in traffic
  • EU funds, funds in the Republic of Croatia

Organisational committee

President: Andreja Pipić Feistritzer dipl.oec.

Members: Mr. Andreas Dudat, Tomislav Pipić dipl.ing., dr.sc. Rajko Horvat, mr.sc.Ivica Mekovec, Tomislav Kralj

Scientific and programme committee

President: prof.dr.sc. Hrvoje Baričević

Members: prof.dr.sc. Ivan Dadić, doc.dr.sc. Ivo Jakovljević, dr.sc. Rajko Horvat, mr.sc. Ivica Mekovec, Željko Remenar dipl.ing., Željko Harcet dipl.ing., Alan Ordulj dipl ing., John Leko dipl.ing., Vlado Bužanić dipl.ing., dr.sc. Marko Ševrović, dr.sc. Marko Šoštarić, Saša Tomašić dipl.ing., Slaviša Babić dipl.ing., Jozo Šitum dipl.ing., mr.sc. Miron Huljak, Ivan Laco dipl.ing., Ivan Molnar dipl.ing., Dražen Vinšćak dipl.ing., mr.sc. Predrag Brlek